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“Bad Girl” by Essence – An Adventure in the Dark Art of Lipstick

The chemist’s shop seems to heave with people, coiffed doll-women packed together like a Prada Candy-scented mosh pit. I should start by saying that my sister has dragged me in here on a sugar-fueled quest for reasonably priced facial cleansers. I have been sedated with the promise of a trip to Gamestop, but over by the Essence counter, something catches my eyes.
A dark purple lipstick.
In this age of appropriating the “natural look” by slathering washed-out pinks and nude shades on your fashionably collagen-pumped pout, this is a rare find. I grudgingly hand over the €2.89 to a moody, cleopatra-esque cashier.
Two hours later, I stand in front of my bathroom mirror, smearing my newest investment on my mouth with all of the skill and grace of a hyperactive disorder-afflicted three year old wielding a crayon.
Firstly, I would like to talk about the name and brand. “Bad Girl” by Essence. Oooh, bad girl, now I want to listen to aggressive female rap musicians and maybe mug someone! Yes, the power of Gothic-tinted pigment has seeped through my skin and given me the attitude of a fourteen year old deprived of parental attention during formative years. Bow down, bitches.
On a more serious note, the color goes on better than expected (my previous experience with a black lipstick by Essence was quite disappointing). It is quite a dark, rich purple. The hardest thing about applying this product is preventing smudges during application, but that is more down to my lack of practice than the lipstick itself. The shape is not too blunt, which helps to create sharper, more defined corners and edges. From personal experience, as a fairly entry-level makeup-wearer, I recommend applying a thin coat of lip balm first, for a smoother, darker effect. Oh, and please ignore the blatant false promises; “Only God can judge me” tattoos will not magically manifest on your now piercing-riddled flesh as you are officially initiated into the bad girl club!
I would rate this product 8/10. The color is strong and quite long-lasting, and the ego-boosting name is pretty impressive. Essence is also a cruelty-free brand, as well as being affordable, which is great. However, I personally find that the lipstick can feel quite heavy, particularly if applied with lip balm, gloss, or any other coat of shiny, sparkly, unattainable-femininity 😉
Would I recommend it? Yes. Have I burned any churches after applying it? No. The small print clearly states that heathenish impulses require the additional purchase of matching nail-polish. Oh well, maybe next time. . .


Album Review – “Pretty on the Inside” by Hole

“Pretty on the Inside” by Hole is the album that I have randomly picked to review. This random picking, for anyone who is interested, consists of putting my iPod on shuffle and reviewing whichever album the first song that comes on is from. These reviews may not be classic review style, in every manner, as I tend to drift off into my own interpretations sometimes, but I will try. 

“Pretty on the Inside” by Hole, released September 17th, 1991, is the band’s debut album, and a personal favorite of mine, ever since I listened to the short track entitled “Pretty on The inside.” The album is of the punk/alternative genre, I think, but it is very hard to place a genre on this unique album. 

The first thing that struck me about “Pretty on the Inside” was how it was fantastically noisy, but still somehow melodic. Think angels with flaking wings and halos made of broken glass. Each track fitted perfectly to this insane non-existent theme that was like sugar and rot. Some songs, such as “Garbadge Man” were well-structured in a uniform manner, whereas my personal favorite from this album, the song “Mrs Jones” was very nearly an endless stream of free-flowing lyrics. It shouldn’t have worked, but it did. “Mrs Jones” was my favorite because of its gruesome imagery, contrasting images like “Stare into the bloodrot, you suicide bitch/it takes an hour like you to make me wanna live” and phrases like “on the sugar star” and “baby angels.” It was a song with a nightmarish, infinite quality that makes it, for me, the masterpiece of the album. 

I would recommend this album for fans of Bikini Kill, Babes in Toyland, and maybe even Nirvana fans like myself that can look past accusations made at vocalist/frontwoman Courtney Love, and just appreciate that her lyrics are works of dark genius. “Pretty on the Inside” is my favorite album by Hole, and I would urge everyone to give it at least one listen. It is not for everybody, as some may find it offensive, or be repelled by the noisy, unforgiving, unpolished punk-rock sound, and in my opinion, you either love it or you hate it, there is no grey area.