The Search History of a Writer

The worst thing about being a writer? Your questionable search history. Since I started writing what I think will be my greatest piece so far (and certainly my longest, now at 93,000 words) my search history has gotten weirder and weirder. Everything from how long an acid trip lasts, to how to stop your pulse temporarily, and how exactly to poison somebody in a discreet manner.
Yes, I’ve read pages upon pages of how long exactly it take to bleed to death depending on where you’ve been stabbed, and how many times, as well as the right weapons for the job. It’s very worrying to know that any of these things could pop up in the search bar every time I lend my laptop to my mom or my younger sister. I also have no idea how to delete half of the crap that I look up, on the subjects of murder, serious bodily harm, poison, diseases, and neglect. My favorites list is full of my favorite articles on these subjects, for my convenience.
So yes, if you ever borrow my computer, I am not a psycho. Thank you.

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