Horror Movie Challenge: Day 4 – “Silent Hill, Revelation”

Day 4 of my horror movie challenge, and this one was slightly disappointing. Yes, I had been warned that the movie adaptions of the games I loved were not too great, compared to the videogames, but I still wanted to experience them for myself. “Silent Hill Revelation” seemed to be based off of the third game in the series, “Silent Hill 3” but the plot was so far off from the game that I only knew this at first because of how much Adelaide Clemens resembled the character she was playing, Heather Mason/ Sharon Da Silva. 

This movie seemed, to me, to be the sort of movie that I’ve discussed a lot in these blog entries – one that relies more on blood and gore than on an engaging storyline and fascinating characters. I enjoyed some aspects of the plot, even if it completely butchered most resemblance to the “Silent Hill 3” game’s plot. For instance, I feel that the character Vincent Cooper’s (Kit Harrington’s) story, his escape from The Order, etc, could have been quite interesting if the movie had been longer, taken more time instead of racing through everything in a blood-splattered rush of deformed creatures and decapitations. 

As for the famous Silent Hill creatures, I liked pyramid head and the nurses. I thought it was cool that in one scene, where Heather is trying to untie Vincent from a gurney in a room full of those nurses that scared us all in the videogames, with their daggers or steel pipes, (except in the movie, many are armed with hypodermic syringes) the nurses can only sense movement, kind of like t-rexes ;). This built up a little tension, as Heather and Vincent tried to escape without moving too much and alerting the nurses, completely surrounding them, to their presence. Pyramid head only got a brief appearance, walking through a hallway in the asylum/hospital lined with doors, all of which have patient’s arms sticking out of them. These unfortunate souls feel the wrath of the great knife (like we spent nerve wrecking time in the labyrinth in the game Silent Hill 2 to get hold of) as they have their arms sliced off, fingers flying through the air like bloody, flesh-colored sausages. 

Would I recommend this movie? Well, for fans of the game that want to watch as that beautiful, subtle, psychologically-disturbing atmosphere that chilled us to the bone is slaughtered, sure. I’m kidding, but having said that, any fan of the game should prepare themselves for the fact that this feels nothing like the game. Honestly, the scene with the nurses was the only one with even a vague trace of that overwhelming tension build-up that I adore in horror movies, and I don’t recall having one decent, scream-out-loud scare for the whole thing (and believe me, the games had plenty of those). 

However, if you want to judge the movie as a completely separate entity, it is slightly better, or slightly worse, depending on how you look at it. For one thing, people who have never played any of the games, or those who choose to judge this movie aside from the game, the constant subconscious comparison to the games isn’t there, and some have no idea of the dark beauty of the games. But this may also be a disadvantage, as the plot and characters will seem even more weak and wispy if you have no prior insight into them. 

Basically, I would say watch it, but don’t expect an artistic, dark, psychological and disturbing, tension-filled thrill-ride. If you like it, fantastic! If you don’t, then you will at least get a laugh out of it (that’s the great thing about crappy horror movies, they often double as comedies). “Silent Hill Revelation” has its moments, but sadly not enough of them. 

Thanks for reading, and remember, comment! 😀 

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