Horror Movie Challenge: Day 3 – “The Shining”

Day 3 of my thirty-day horror movie challenge, and I had to give myself a “soft” day today (as the last two days have been terrifying) so I chose the movie adaption of one of my favorite books, “The Shining.” Yes, I think everyone has seen “The Shining” (or read the book) at least once. It may not be the scariest horror movie ever made, or have the best special effects, but it can be pretty scary, depending on your tolerance for all things disturbing. I’m not going to write a proper, structured review, as much as I’m going to write a rant about what I love about this movie.

I mean, come on, elevators full of blood, ghostly twin girls, dead woman in a bathtub, this movie has EVERYTHING! 

Jack Nicholson portrays Jack Torrance an abusive husband and frustrated writer on the edge of insanity to perfection, and of course, who can forget the utter madness of his iconic “Here’s Johnny!” scene, in which he, having completely lost his mind, hacks through the bathroom door to where Wendy, his wife (Shelley Duvall) is waiting with a knife. Another favorite scene of mine is Danny Torrance’s run-in with the murdered twins of the previous winter caretaker. “Come play with us…forever.” they chant flatly, raising goosebumps on my flesh and sending shiver’s down my spine. 

Yes, the Overlook Hotel in the winter is not too great of a place to be, with cabin fever spreading like a wildfire and taking hold of Jack Torrance, while Danny’s psychic powers or “shining” drags him into very dark places (“redrum redrum redrum”). 

This is a classic movie for horror lovers who want to explore some of the older favorites of the genre. The book by Stephen King is even more incredible, so definitely, if you like the movie adaption of “The Shining,” read the book!

Thanks for reading! 😀 

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