The Horror Movie Challenge: Day 2 – “Sinister” (2012)

Day 2 of my thirty-day challenge, and I am already a mess. Today, early in the morning, during broad daylight hours, with my dog wandering in and out of the room, I tackled the next movie on my challenge list, “Sinister” (2012), and let me tell you, it was TERRIFYING (and I do not use caps-lock lightly). I’ll try and give a brief summary without spoiling the excellent ending.

“Sinister” was, for me, as soon as I got into it, an edge-of-the-seat roller-coaster of horror. This was a movie that managed to build up unbearable tension, capture a real psychological-horror, pulse-quickening, goosebumps-raising ambiance, instead of relying on the cheap route of gallons of blood pulsing from an army of slit throats. “Sinister” was quite possibly one of the best horror movies that I have ever watched, or at least one of the scariest. 

The story follows the protagonist, Ellison Oswalt, a true crime writer, as well as his wife Tracy, and his two children, Ashley (who enjoys painting on her bedroom walls) and Trevor, who suffers from “night terrors.” They have just moved into a new house – a new house where four people were once killed, the murderer never caught, one of the children abducted and disappeared. This missing child is to be the subject of Ellison’s book, the book which he thinks will be his greatest success. 

Things begin to take on a dark edge when Ellison discovers a box of old film reels and a projector to play them on, possibly left by the deceased previous family inhabiting the house. These film reels, while labelled to seem like innocent home movies, depict gruesome killings. Things begin to go wrong, Trevor experiencing his night terrors, and soon Ashley is painting on the walls, a picture of the subject of her father’s book. 

I am not going to go into further detail of the plot, because I do not feel that I would do it justice. Even if you have to cover your eyes with your hands, or hide behind the couch for the thrilling tense moments or chilling scares that “Sinister” provides, watch it. There is no cheap over-abundance of blood and guts, or intestines splashed across the furniture, but it is terrifying, and I shall certainly be lying awake tonight (I plan to counter-act the effects of this choice of viewing by watching “Frozen” or “Despicable Me” later on tonight). So yes, I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a good, psychologically-scarring movie that will leave you severely disturbed, and humming quietly in the corner of your padded cell with your knees drawn up to your chest. 

Thanks for reading, and as always, share your opinions! 😀 Image

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