Silent Hill 3 – Beauty in the Dark


Silent Hill 3 was a fantastic addition to the series, which I played after purchasing the HD collection for PS3. The first thing I observed, after beginning the game and finding myself in the rotting, rusting depths of an empty fairground, was how it was instantly different from Silent Hill 2, which I found to be an extremely positive thing. Like Silent Hill 2, It possessed its share of haunting settings that have an almost scarring effect on the mind, but in a very different way. This was wonderful, as sometimes, videogames play it safe and stick to similar setting for many games. I immediately fell in love with the forsaken, dark, neglected fairground setting. I also enjoyed the thrill of only having a small knife as a weapon in the beginning. It made fights more challenging and infinitely more exciting, as I found the wooden plank at the start of Silent Hill 2 to be quite effective, as it has a nice, wide range if used correctly.

As soon as I, playing as a teenager named Heather Mason, reached the next setting of the game, after climbing along the rickety, decaying tracks of an old roller-coaster (and getting hit by the ride as it suddenly speeds towards me) I knew that this game was a work of genius, as its predecessor was. I found myself in an empty shopping mall, soon to face terrible monsters lurking in the clothing boutique. The perk of this none-too-pleasant run in, in which I witness two deformed creatures feasting on the corpse of some unfortunate woman, is that I acquire a more powerful weapon, a handgun and some ammo.

Soon, I face a terrifying encounter with a strange woman named Claudia Wolf, who talks to Heather Mason for a few seconds. She seems crazy, telling Heather that she will “Lead them to paradise with bloodstained hands.” I liked this scene, as it provided some clues as to who Heather really is. Players of the first Silent Hill game will have made some connections by now!

This game was as cleverly crafted as Silent Hill 2, while owning its own feel or ambiance. It was slightly more intense, with a faster pace (in my opinion.) But it really pulled these differences off in the best possible way, while staying true to the core of the series. It is full of the same delightfully demonic style of creature, and the characters truly do come to life. I would recommend this game to all fans of psychological, survival horror.

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