My Top Three Creative Writing Sites!

It’s great to have an attentive audience for your writing, no matter what your subject matter, genre or style of writing is. While it’s always fun to show your work to family and friends, we all yearn for a way to have access to feedback and opinions from people of all walks of life, from all over the world. That’s why posting on a creative writing site is great! Members on these sites are often people of every age, nationality and level of experience, so you’re sure to get honest, impartial opinions on your work. Sadly, many people are not sure where to start looking when it comes to finding a place to post your beloved writing. That’s why I’m going to make it easy for you all, by posting the best sites that I have discovered in my quest for feedback. 

3. StoryMash: Collaborative Creative Writing Community (

I think that this site deserves a place on my list because of its great collaborative community. The site focuses on bringing writers together to create brilliant stories or poetry collaborations, but it is still a good place to get feedback on individual pieces. You can receive ratings out of five stars on pages of your works, as well as comments, constructive criticism, and praise. It is a very safe place for writers of all ages (curse words are “starred” out when your work is posted, but not erased completely). I have found the community to be fairly friendly, and the hope of being featured on the home-page is the motivation that you need to keep writing! All in all, a fantastic site with a nice design and layout. 

2. (

This site ranks as my second favorite creative writing website, because it offers the perfect place for all writers, lone or collaborative, to share their writing in an atmosphere that is friendly and welcoming, and very professional. In the settings for each work you upload, you can choose whether or not you want ratings (works can be rated out of a hundred) or other kinds of feedback. The community of writers are great at critiquing and encouraging, and there’s lots of fun groups within the site that you can join, to make other writers friends and advertise your work even further. A wonderful site, that is quick and easy to learn how to use. 

1. Protagonize (

Protagonize is my favorite writing website of all time, as well as being the first one that I ever joined, over two years ago. Protagonize has a space for every author of every genre. You can post solo works, or start a collaboration with your online friends and fans. You can post poetry, stories of every length, diary entries, or just your random ramblings 😀 The site is well-designed and very easy to use; the community of writers is varied and extremely welcoming, and you can choose the copyright setting for all of your works. Ratings can be disabled if you’d rather just receive feedback, and believe me, there is ALWAYS someone online willing to give you constructive feedback! I would recommend this creative writing website to any writer, as well as anyone who just wants to read some writing. 


So, this was my top three writing websites of all time! Thank you for reading, and if you have any sites you’d like to recommend, please let me know in the comments! Thank you all for reading 😀 

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